AJ Nason and crew posing next to the Hammerd #35 on 7/18/2010

AJ Nason, his wife and crewman Dale pose with the Hammerd(sic)/Nason Motorsports #35 kart before the Sunday, June 27th, 2010 race at Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway.

Arnold “AJ” Nason

Career Highlights at Galletta’s:

Sep 05, 2010 9/5/2010 – AJ Nason & Tim Galletta take the ’10 Labor Day Weekend Twin-30s! (+YouTube Videos)

Arnold "AJ" Nason #35 wins on 9/5/2010 at Galletta's in Oswego, NY

2010 Season, Event #14- Sunday, September 5th, 2010 Pre-Classic Twin-30s Night: Arnold “AJ” Nason picked up his 1st feature win at Galletta’s in the Hammerd/Nason #35 in the 1st of two 30-Lap features. He also scored 3rd in the 2nd one for his best performance of his rookie season to date. Watch the whole show — including AJ narrating his own win — here!

CLICK TO ENLARGE AJ Nason w/Hammerd #35 at the 2010 15th Annual Galletta's Klassic 200


  • From 2010-11, AJ and crew made a 1 & 1/2 hour weekly drive to Oswego from Cortland, NY to race at Galletta’s. The extremely close competition, friends-and-family atmosphere and affordable equipment are the reasons that AJ drives such a long distance to race!
  • AJ’s #35 kart was formerly the Dick Dann owned Nick Dann #68, slightly rebuilt by Team Galletta’s and beautified by his wife’s graphic artwork.
  • AJ is a veteran of Dirt Street Stock races between NY and Georgia, with many races and wins under his belt. 
  • AJ Nason w/Hammerd #35 at the 2010 15th Annual Galletta’s Klassic 200. ->
  • Mr. Nason and family moved to Georgia late in 2011 and sadly couldn’t race at Galletta’s for years, but recently moved back to Upstate NY, and wants to add to his All-Time point and Win totals at Galletta’s.
  • AJ’s sense of humor has gotten him into trouble a few times. If you know AJ, you know that even though he can go a little over the line on occasion, it’s all fun, but some people don’t have a good sense of humor and hate the guy’s guts.
  • AJ has also been in a few bands, and you know what? He can sing and play a bit! Want to see? Well…
  • AJ has a YouTube channel with his Adventures. Hey, he’s got WAY more subscribers than us! Wow! Give us a lil’ rub from that, Arnold!
  • AJ narrated quite possibly the funniest race vice-over work we’ve ever had at Galletta’s on 10/3/2010 and 10/10/2010. It happened when several rookies gave the club a try and rented the track and a few karts to have a few Post-Season, Non-Point All-Rookie races. The problem was, the rookies wrecked… A LOT. Some of which made one wonder if one or two of them were drunk, high, or maybe even one of them little cognitively disadvantaged? At first, we thought that AJ was being a little too… mean-spirited with the jokes and maybe shouldn’t put them up (we know how some people lose their shit over videos), but…. since they never came back and apparently tried to start their own track instead of our own (not the 1st time tried) but failed (not the 1st time either), well, yeah, the commentary really is too funny! Sadly, these guys never got properly scored for points because we didn’t get all of their names.

    Possibly our funniest video with some… umm… interesting rookie driving and narration team of Arnold “AJ” Nason of AJ’s Adventures and Chris Stevens. Enjoy it here.

  • Heat 2 saw AJ Nason and Chris Stevens race side-by-ide for several laps. But AJ held Chris off for the win.Action from Heat 2 on June 5th, 2011 race here saw good buddies AJ Nason (Nason Motorsports #35 with some new vinyl) and Chris Stevens (Galletta’s Greenhouse #8) in a great battle, racing side-by-side for several laps in a row. AJ got wise to Chris’ slingshot pass attempts and held him off on the final lap. Sadly, AJ moved South shortly later and was unable to race weekly anymore. Great video here.


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