7/6/2018 – Friday Night Independence Day Race


 photo capture20180707055217545.pngFriday, July 6th, 2018 – Hooray! We finally got enough people for a race! And Kelly Miller took advantage of sputtering leader Eric Woolworth to pick off both Woolworth and Chris Stevens to take the lead and hold on despite losing a header!

1. Eric Woolworth (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #78)
2. Adam Lytle (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #33c)
3. Earl Miller (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #5) (R)
4. Kelly Miller (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #9)
5. Chris Stevens (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse/OswegoSushi.com/Chrusher.com #8)
6. Matt Stevens (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #74)
7. Colton Duell (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #2)
8. Melissa Stevens w/unborn Sarah Stevens (SNF #19)

Unedited Race Video

Oh no! The website is still not updated days after the race! It’s usually done within 24-48 hours. What happened?

I dunno… maybe someone will comment on it.

1. Kelly Miller (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #9)
2. Chris Stevens (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse/OswegoSushi.com/Chrusher.com #8)
3. Matt Stevens (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #74 but FINISHED in #33)
4. Colton Duell (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #2) (R)
5. DNF – Adam Lytle (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #33c but FINSHED in #43)
6. DNF – Eric Woolworth (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #78)
7. DNF – Earl Miller (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #5) (R)
8. DNF – Melissa Stevens w/unborn Sarah Stevens (SNF #19)

9.  7/15/2018 – Josh Arnold (Team Arnie Racing #93) earned in 7/15/2018 Makeup Race
10.  8/5/2018 – Steve Sixberry (Galletta’s Greenhouse #9) +78 pts
11. 8/5/2018 – Chris Smith (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #12j) +73
12. 8/5/2018 – Mark Vincent (Team Galletta’s Greenhouse #7) +68

(R) = Rookie/Newbie
DNF = Did Not Finish Race

2018 Point Standings for 1-WD Gas Flathead Backyard Karting World Championship at Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Karting Speedway

After the 6/10/2018 through 7/6/2018 Races:

 photo capture20180715191201194.png

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