Galletta's Go-Kart Klassic History - THE World Championship of Gas Flathead Karting!

Galletta’s Karting Club – Klassic Championship Race History:
The World Championship of Gas Flathead Karting is always decided in
late September/early October annually at John J. Galletta Memorial Backyard Speedway:

Galletta’s Go-Kart Club & Backyard Speedway started in the early 1990s as a fun way to race affordable, equally-matched go-karts in the backyard of Galletta’s Greenhouse, around where founding brothers Matt and Chris Stevens used to host backyard football games in their high school days – and named John J. Galletta Memorial Kart Speedway after Chris & Matt’s late grandfather who always considered making a kart track on the land. Although much glory and praise has been given to modern “clone” go-karts in terms of affordability and competitive equality, oddly everybody ignored (sometimes out of ignorance of what we do; sometimes an intentional snub) the fact that Galletta’s had hosted 100% box stock 5hp (gas-fueled flathead) 1-WD go-kart races all Summer through Fall annually at Galletta’s Greenhouse Backyard Speedway between 1990-2004(until local dirt kart racer folk altered our motor rules and forced us to upgrade or be called “whiners”), and still race 100% equalized karts from 2005-up. Now, although we have raced every year since 1990, the first recorded points series and “Klassic Championship Race” was held in 1996. We also have every points season from 2000-up on this website as well. Here we go with the quick rundown of every Klassic in Galletta’s history: (By the way, the intentional snubs led us to believe that they were inferior racers who pretend that they are professionals in their $2,000-4,000 karts but got destroyed when they raced with us in our equalized karts).

 photo 2014-10-10-23h12m35s182-kla.jpg

The Galletta’s Karting Club started in 1990 when Matt purchased a used yard kart and made a track around the property of Galletta’s Greenhouse, where he lived with his family. It was basically a huge road course that went over the normal track, then through the front yard, through trees and to the driveway, then around the greenhouse and back to what we now know as the traditional track. When his brother Chris (yours truly, the webmaster of this site) got a used concession kart a couple years later, we shortened the track to an oval and raced, sometimes having friends over to hop from kart to kart and have fun. We did this for a few years until the mid-1990s when we created a points system and began counting points and wins. The greenhouse founder John Galletta – who originally wanted to build a go-cart circuit but never had enough interested parties to help build one – was pleased with the track, commenting how large it was (most kart tracks are indeed very small in comparison), and helped us with some safety improvements. In 1996, following the passing of Chris & Matt’s grandfather and founder of the Greenhouse that we race in back of, we did the very first “Galletta’s Go-Kart Classic”, which we have held every year since.

1996 [Pre Video Era]

THE 13TH ANNUAL GALLETTA'S KART KLASSIC 200!1996 – The 1st Annual Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic 70(?): The 1st-ever Galletta’s Klassic had just three karts; Matt in his trusty Galletta’s #3 (an old, rebuilt-for-racing Manco yard kart), Chris in the original Galletta’s #1 (an old, rebuilt-for-racing Thunder Island kart), and Wesley “Ogre” Stevens (in a BRAND-NEW, but rebuilt-for-racing Manco yard kart) battled it out. The two brothers and their father passed each other back and forth countless times – some clean and some not so clean – but Matt Stevens emerged on top on the final lap of this first Klassic, also winning the 1st points series as well.


Chris (Galletta's #23 - re-named #4), Matt (Galletta's #3) and Ogre (Old Galletta's #1)

1997 Galletta’s Klassic 80 Page!


Only 3 karts! My look how far we’ve come! Matt Stevens dominated in #3.

1997 – The 2nd Annual Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic 80: Although no pictures have been found of the 1st Klassic, we did find some grainy photos from our 2nd Klassic in 1997. We see the Galletta’s #4 (back then #23) driven by Chris, and Ogre inherited Chris’s #1 (before it was scrapped for being too heavy; its parts salvaged to create a new, lighter kart, the Galletta’s #2). Matt Stevens won this 2nd Klassic virtually unchallenged in his Galletta’s #3.  Chris was peeved and Wes was stupefied at how badly Matt defeated them. In fact, Matt had such a large lead, it was embarrassing. And in hindsight, it likely was the last huge blowout win in Klassic history, as they all have been much closer than this.


Matt dominating a 1990s Klassic with an ear to ear grin.

1998 Galletta’s Klassic 80 Page.


Wesley Ogre Stevens gets a beat down from RaYzor!

Shenanigans went down in ’98 as Matt Stevens dominated it for the win in #3 (as Ray C. kicks Ogre)!


 1998 – The 3rd Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic 80: Again, Matt Stevens won the 3rd Klassic in utterly dominant fashion in his Galletta’s Greenhouse #3, again leaving his brother Chris (in the new Galletta’s Greenhouse #2) and father Wes “Ogre” Stevens (in the Galletta’s Greenhouse #4) in the dust. Matt often can be seen with ear-to-ear grins in this era of our club, although he should have been bored winning so much! Back to the drawing board for the rest of the club… Matt looks near unbeatable in the clutch. (Left: Despite Ogre’s disgraceful loss, he did at least win best appearing kart while being kicked award, by failed driver-turned-starter RaYzor C. did to the back of his helmeted skull!).


Chris Chrusher posing with the Galletta's #2 before winning the 1999 Klassic!

Chris “Chrusher” Stevens broke Matt’s streak at 3 in ’99, his 1st, in the #2!

1998 Klassic Go-Karts

1999 Klassic 80 Page.



 1999 – The 4th Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic 80: This Klassic had 4 karts, as the newer Galletta’s Greenhouse #1 was built. This one saw RaYzor C. pose with the kart in womanly fashion, but shared the ride with Dangerous Dan Boyce., as neither of them could race the full marathon event with their frail, womanly bodies. This was the first Galletta’s Klassic ever recorded on videotape (and hence also now on DVD, as every one since is), and we see Chris Stevens win in in the Galletta’s Greenhouse #2 (the kart created from scratch and stripping the Gallettas Greenhouse #01 for parts), combining it with a victory in  the total points series for the year as well, breaking Matt’s 3-year streak of power. Chris is also looking quite strapping in his tank top as well. Look out ladies. He’s still single (edit: …well, in 1999. He’s been married since 2005, lol).


2000 Galletta's Klassic (Look at how narrow the track was back then!)

2000 Klassic 80 Page


2000 Galletta's Klassic - the race was starting to get bigger and better every year!

Chris Stevens bobbed and weaved in the #5 to take his 2nd straight Klassic win!


2000 – The 5th Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic 80: Chris, Matt, and Wes ran 33 events and built the Galletta’s #6 and #5 making it so 3 more people could race with us. Chris Stevens was the dominant factor all year, winning 15 & 1/2 features (including 7 straight) en route to winning his 2nd straight Klassic in his brand new Galletta’s Greenhouse #5. It was perhaps the last time that Matt Stevens was so befuddled and utterly defeated by anyone. It was pure domination by Chris in the #5. It was so bad, he drove the brand-new Galletta’s Greenhouse #3² (later re-named #6). He was not to be deterred again, and the following year, Matt noticed the #3’s frame bent during a near-castrating crash into the tower which affected his handling. Brian Galletta and Larry Dishaw upped our Klassic count to five. The karts were starting to get quicker, but were still plagued by chain-breaking problems, directly relating to using small yard kart / lawnmower tires at the drivewheel, which dug the track up and potholes took their toll. 


Snapshot from the 2001 Galletta's Box Stock Karting Season!

2001 Klassic 80 page.


Galletta's Kart Club season 2001!

Chris Stevens wins 3rd straight Klassic in 2001! But it was close.

2001 – The 6th Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic 80: This season, we started having big track guest racers from Chris and Matt’s beloved Oswego Speedway join us and have a ball! Fran Rowe, (future Oswego Speedway Small Blcok Supermodified Classic winner) Cameron Rowe, Gordon Smallidge, Randy Ritskes, Joe Miller, and Oswego Supermodified Team Syrell pit crew members Eric Syrell, Sean Stevens, and Brian Galletta. Cam Rowe helped Matt create stagger on the karts, which increased the speeds about one second. Cam also won a feature (becoming the 1st visitor to ever do so in our 1990-2001 history). Chris Stevens completed a 3-year Klassic and track championship sweep in his Galletta’s #5 kart, matching Matt’s previous 3-year reign. The #7 was the new kart built this year, and being made with lightweight square tubing, became a handicap kart for bigger drivers. [Note: We have a Klassic Video to this race… but it is currently lost in our archives. As soon as we find and transfer it, we’ll put it up!]

~ After this point, every Klassic has the full show video up on each page! Enjoy! ~

2002 [Video Era]

2002 Galletta's Klassic!

2002 Klassic 80 page


Tom Culeton challenges Matt, Chris, and Ogre Stevens in the '02 Klassic!

Matt Stevens takes the 2002 Klassic & Track Title, beginning a streak of absolute dominance that no Oswego Karter has seen before or since!


2002 – The 7th Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic 90: A talented crop of rookie drivers in Tom Culeton, DJ Barnes, Dan and Chris Lupa, Dan Allnutt and friends joined us in 2002, increasing the regular driver total yet again. And amongst this crop, Tom Culeton became the first visiting driver to ever defeat Chris, Matt and Wes to win a feature race at Galletta’s outright (Cameron Rowe won a feature the prior year, but he actually broke on the last lap and we granted him the win as a consolation prize). In fact, he didn’t just win one… he won multiple races, showing the kid could drive! Matt Stevens in the #3 snapped his brother Chris’ 3-year domination by dominating the final regular season race and then taking the Points Standings on the final night and then taking the Klassic, although Chris challenged him late in the Galletta’s #0, a rebuilt old-fashioned racing kart donated to the club.


2003 Klassic Staring Grid!

2003 Klassic 100 page.


The 1st of 100-laps for the 8th annual 2003 Galletta's Go-Kart Klassic!

Brian Galletta, Chris and Wes Stevens led early, but #3 Matt Stevens took it late in ’03.

2003 – The 8th Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic 100: We upped the Klassic to 100 laps this time, and Brian Galletta and friends – all inexperienced rookies – filled the karts for this one. The race was close between the more experienced Brian, Chris, Wes and Matt, with Chris leading late and looking strong, but due to walking on the wet grass during a caution break, his foot slipped off the gas for a split instant enabling Matt Stevens to sneak by and emerge the victor late in the race in his Galletta’s #3, also taking the points title. That’s just how close our racing is, folks… A full season of racing, and both the points and “Classic” were decided in the final laps of the final race.


2004 Galletta's Kart Klassic

2004 Klassic 125 saw rookie Ed Maynes try to lap the field early on.


2004 Klassic & Recap!

More drivers bringing karts led to bigger fields. But Matt still couldn’t be stopped.


2004 – The 9th Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic 125: For the 1st time ever, we had competitors starting to bring their own karts instead of them all being only Galletta’s house karts, and it made for a great season! Ed Maynes and Dan Murdock shared co-rookie-of-the-year honors in another batch of talented young drivers. Chris was the fastest time-trial-er in his brand new  #8 kart, but broke down early on with an mysterious intake issue (that was never solved). Ed broke out against ALL prior Klassic strategies and tried to lap the whole field during the first half of the race (putting all but the top 4 karts down a lap before lap 20!), but broke down before he could do so (and the reason why most drivers try to save their karts for the last laps, not the 1st). Matt Stevens then pulled away after Ed’s break, and was never even challenged Galletta’s #3, again also taking the points title. Again, Matt proved that no karter in Oswego is in his class. (Even admitted cheaters have agreed, and possibly the reason why drivers from most other kart classes won’t even try to match skills against him.)


2005 Galletta's Kart Klassic 125

2005 Galletta’s Klassic 125 page.


The infamous pileup thanks to a wet turn at the '05 Galletta's Klassic!

One of our biggest fields! Tremendous race, but Matt Stevens took it late… AGAIN!

2005 – The 10th Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic 125: Another full field for the 2005 Klassic. This season saw several people start bringing their own karts, including Gary Miller, who shared rookie-of-the-year honors with Rob Jimenez, who used Chris’ backup #5 all year. This Klassic saw Gary, Fred Collins, Ogre Stevens, and Rob duke it out, but it was Matt Stevens who AGAIN took the win in his #3 when everybody else spun and wrecked in front of him on a mid-race restart. Again, he also took the points crown. Oddly, for the 2nd straight year, Matt, Jason, and Chris finished 1-2-3 in the Klassic. On a side-note, this was the first season that we were not 100% box stock. We “shaved” or “milled” our heads to compete against 6.5hp OHV karts that raced with us in the regular season, but when it was decided to split the two different motors into two classes before the Klassic, the OHV karters dubbed themselves “The Outlaws” and never came back. This was also the year that we created our website, which has helped us gain new drivers and also fans all over the world… and cause some local 2-WD methanol karters to actually hate us (My only guess is because they disrespect our type of karting and overrate theirs? I always respected them before they kept mocking us. And, coincidentally, two new dirt kart tracks popped up around this same time.).


2006 Galletta's Klassic

2006 Galletta’s Klassic 150 page.


The 16 starters take off for lap 1 of 150! By far the most racing excitement for the buck!

16 karts started ’06’s Klassic. Before Oswego Kartway existed, we fielded that regularly. Matt Stevens won again, this time in his brand-new #33.

2006 – The 11th Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic 15016 karts made for our biggest – and the closest finish – in Klassic history. This one was an epic battle, as Rob Jimenez, Chris, Matt, and Wes Stevens all battled for the lead throughout the race. However, it was Wesley “The Ogre” Stevens who won it in the Galletta’s #4 – in a motor bought off of ebay for $20 – when he passed Rob late and held off a last-lap charge by Matt in his brand-new #33. Matt did still win the points title, however, making the first time that we ever had two different Klassic and Track Champions. We also had Kelly Miller as a big-track guest-star driver. This season, we also doubled our race schedule by racing at Oswego Speedway’s fledgling new dirt kart track, being the largest and most competitive karting class for the first two seasons on the track. It was fun other than being forced by the track operator (a disgruntled, failed 1-3 time driver at Galletta’s) to race vs. the OHV Outlaws (the same people who quit our track the previous year) and even an “Open” class methanol kart by the track operator, or else not race at all. Even so, Matt Stevens still won the points title and several Galletta’s karters scored wins despite being overpowered in the motor department. Wes Stevens also took the season-ending unofficial 1st 15-kart/40-lap “Mixed Motor” Classic before Labor day when all other methanol/WKA classes refused to race because the track was too bumpy. Those wussies! And some of them looked down on our class? :^P

2007 (at Oswego Speedway Dirt Track)

Oswego Speedway Classic - 8/30/2007

2007 – 1st Annual Oswego Speedway Dirt Classic page.


Chris and his lovely wife posing after the win!

2007 saw the Oswego Speedway’s dirt track really expand, and we were the biggest class afforded the longest races for their 1st 3 years. Our 16 kart Gas Stock division Classic was won by Chris Stevens, posing here with his wife.

2007 (Oswego Speedway Classic) – The 1st Oswego Speedway Dirt (Mini) Classic 50In 2007, we again doubled our races again and raced at Oswego Speedway’s Dirt track, where Matt Stevens won the points title and Chris Stevens won the 1st-Ever 50-Lap Oswego Speedway Dirt Classic in his Galletta’s #8. Perhaps even more impressive than any other division (we shared the track with WKA methanol karting classes), because the Galletta’s Kart Club had to again race against a “6.5hp OHV Outlaw” kart class using their stock 5hp flatheads (with only shaved heads to equalize the difference). In fact, Galletta’s brought 12 karts and fielded 11 in the 16 kart Gas Stocker Classic. It was the biggest race in the history of the track (later renamed Oswego Kartway), and early leader Chris Stavens wrecked in traffic by the infamous Shadoe Russell, and had to go to the back. The infamous black #83, OHV Outlaw top gun Eric Raponi (who was Matt’s biggest nemesis in ’07 and also wrecked Chris earlier in the year which made him protest a few midsummer shows) then led and fought off several challenged by Michael “MC” / DJ Howell , Matt and Wes Stevens, until Howell and Raponi wrecked together late. Chris Stevens then took the lead in the Galletta’s Greenhouse #8 for the win. Matt recovered for 3rd, and that meant Chris, Wes, and Matt swept the trophies and Classic tickets (and fellow club driver Kenny Lindley III took 5th for another trophy) in the undisputedly largest and most exciting race in the Oswego Kartway’s history. See, you don’t have to spend a few grand per kart to show up people that don’t. We did it right there.

2007 (at Galletta’s)

2007 Klassic 175

2007 Galletta’s Klassic 175 page.


Early leader, Ogre Stevens!

Kyle Reuter, Ryan Coleman, Buddy Cottom were 3 talented drivers joining us in ’07. And although Matt Stevens won (again), Wes “Ogre” Stevens’ injury put a damper on an otherwise outstanding, talent-laden race.

2007 (Galletta’s Klassic) – The 12th Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic 175Our 12th Annual Galletta’s Kart Klassic saw rookies Kyle Reuter, Ryan Coleman, Mike “mc” Howell, and Buddy Cottom (all with prior racing experience on other tracks) provide a challenge for the 3 vets, but Matt Stevens again swept the Klassic and Points Championships in the Galletta’s #33. This was, without a doubt, one of the most talent-laden seasons at Galletta’s. A lot of Quarter-Midget experience with Coleman and Reuter in particular led to some ****’in AMAZING races. This season we also helped our two heavier drivers by allowing them race cams, where all normal-weight drivers needed to remain box stock. It helped equalize competition even more, which is what our race rules are all about since day one. On a bad note that put a serious damper on an otherwise great race, the only significant injury in the history of our track happened in this Klassic when a rookie unintentionally cut off early-race leader Wesley Stevens into a tire barrier, causing him to violently flip and break his shoulder blade and a few ribs. He healed up fine in a month’s time and effectively retired from full-time racing (only racing a few ’08 Oswego shows to help us fill the field) due to the accident.

2008 (at Oswego Kartway)

2008 Oswego Kartway Classic DVD set!

2008 2nd Annual Oswego Kartway Classic 50  (Gas Stocker Division) page.


Chris, Wes, and Matt Stevens sweep top 3 spots 2 years in a row at Oswego Kartway Classic!

Chris, Wes, and Matt Stevens sweep top 3 spots 2 years in a row at Oswego Kartway Classic! Then the track operator Jim Losurdo banned Galletta’s Karting Club… for LIFE!

2008 (Oswego Kartway Classic) – The 2nd Oswego Kartway (Mini) Classic 50This was our final season at the Oswego Speedway’s newly renamed “Oswego Kartway”, as the track operator admitted to selling our OHV Outlaw co-competitors Animal motors, forcing us to change our rules to compete ( this was the first season that race cams were fully allowed in our club, due to rule changes forced on us by the Oswego Kartway ), only allowed a motor class split after the Outlaws mutually agreed to it, called US whiners for protesting it, and promised Matt Stevens would NEVER win another race on his track, and this, our final race there, proved it. Matt Stevens tortured and passed early time-trial winner Dick Dann ( who the track allowed to run an illegal Raptor Racing carb – we use exclusively Fun Power gas carbs ), then never looked back, dominating the largest class on the track that day until the final circuit. He then awarded Wes Stevens the Classic win after he passed race dominator Matt under caution on the last lap at the stripe, then angrily berated us for bringing it up to him on is message board. In the following off-season, he then banned our entire class, following it up via he and his friends proceeding to childishly mock us ( and even threaten us ) on two web forums for nearly a year afterwards. After 13+ years of racing problem-free on our own track, but then being barred from another track for breaking no rules, getting in no fights ( unlike other classes ), no bad wrecks ( plus less wrecks than other classes ), never cheating ( despite accusations in the other classes ), and 3 years of bringing 8-16 karts in our division ( when other classes barely had any early on, and usually only maxed out at 3-10 total each class ), forcing us to change our rules away from box stock ( then banning us for left-turn box stock “clone” motors ), producing affordable $5 DVDs of their weekly races, giving free online promotion to, and doing uncompensated logos and web-banners for – was simply appalling. Although in the end it was a mutual split, the lack of respect and child-like mockery by supposed professionals ( ha! ) was disgraceful, worth pointing out here for anybody who did not know, and is the reason why we – for now – just race on our home track. Our negative experiences with that track’s belligerent operator and his ‘yes-men’ has made our club’s decision to go to other local tracks only via personal invitation from track officials allowing us our own class without altering our tried-and-tested rules. We’ve raced here for 14+ years – before all of the other local dirt karting tracks even existed – and won’t be going anywhere. It’s the reason we developed our affordable brand of backyard racing and chose to race $400 karts instead of $4,000 karts – to race 100% for fun and pure competition only, letting driver skills ( and not money invested ) decide the outcome, and not have to deal with the cheats, the dishonesty, and the spoilsports commonly found in “organized” racing. Matt Stevens is the best karter in Oswego – bar none. Anybody at the pay tracks have a problem with it, come on up and test him. Nobody has beat him yet. And you can’t race him at Oswego because the operator saw to it that you and his one man/20 kart army never will. *Flush!*

2008 (at Galetta’s)

The start of the 13th Annual Galletta's Klassic - this year 200 laps!

2008 Galletta’s Klassic 200 page.


Matt Stevens pulls away from Buddy Cottom and Chris Stevens late to seal another Klassic and Track Championship win!

#33 Matt Stevens passed Buddy Cottom late and put on one of his best driving performances to win ANOTHER Galletta’s Klassic 200.

2008 (Galletta’s Klassic) – The 13th Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic 200Our 13th Annual Galletta’s Kart Klassic went 200 laps (after we technically did 200 last year counting cautions). Chris Stockham was a big-track guest star driver, and early on challenged leader Buddy Cottom along with Russ Hockey before breaking two karts on a bumpy track. But shortly after the mid-way point, Matt Stevens put the #33 in 1st again and clinched yet another Klassic and Galletta’s Track Championship with the win – but it wasn’t easy, as Buddy Cottom put on a tremendous performance and it required Matt at the top of his game to take this win. The new Galletta’s  kart built this season was the #80, driven by Matt’s wife, Melissa, who was the first first female feature winner at Galletta’s during the prior 2007 season. Can Matt Stevens ever be stopped? No karter in Oswego County has done so yet! There is none better. Dispute that? Step up, son.


Starting grid of the 14th Annual Galletta's Klassic 200!

2009 Galletta’s Klassic 200 page.


The 14th Annual Galletta's Klassic 200 (10/3/2009)

14th Annual Galletta’s Klassic 200 did not disappoint. What a race!

2009 – The 14th Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic 200Our 14th Annual Klassic went 200 laps (technically 210 after counting cautions and green laps on tape). Russ Hockey scored the pole with a 16.22 and set a very fast pace while dominating the vast majority of the race, holding off challenges by Jesse Vivlemore, George Russell, and Chris Stevens. That was until late in the race Matt Stevens took the lead in his #33 on lap 162 and then held off his brother Chris–who had to come back from the rear after being in the top-3 all race and losing a drive-wheel nut late–to take the win, his 10th Klassic victory. However, Chris did break Matt’s 8-year-straight Track Championship winning streak by racing and finishing consistently in the top-3 all year long, despite Matt having more total wins. This race became legendary for the fact that the top three karts did not pit and went all 200+ laps on one tank of pump gasoline! Russ, despite leading 152 laps, finished 2 laps down due to running out of fuel.


CLICK TO ENLARGE the starting grid on lap 0 of 200!

2010 Klassic 200 page.


CLICK TO ENLARGE - The climatic battle for the top-4 with 25 laps to go!

Kyle Reuter becomes the 1st non-founding member to win the marathon race that is the Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200!


2010 – The 15th Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic 200: On Saturday, October 2nd, 2010  A 14-competitor 200-lapper was in store for the 15th Annual Galletta’s Karting Klassic 200-Lap Championship, and again did not disappoint as a close, competitive race with a lot of drama. Point-leaders Chris and Matt — while running a strong 2nd & 3rd late behind the slowing Gary Miller Sr. — tangled together and had to  go to the rear. After the restart,  Kyle Reuter–who did lead over 100 laps early in the Galletta’s #1 before having to change karts due to a sputtering motor–took the lead late and was not challenged. Reuter, The Oswego Kartway Track Champion (Medium-Weight Methanol Flathead Division — the premiere one at that track), racing his 1st Feature at Galletta’s since the 2007 Klassic, emerged from the marathon race on top in the Galletta’s Greenhouse #0 kart. He became 1st non-founding/visiting driver to ever win a Galletta’s Klassic (Matt Stevens won 10, Chris won 3, and the since-retired Wes won 1)! In addition to being the 1st Non-Founding driver to win it, Kyle also became the 1st driver to come back from the rear using a back-up kart that did not start the race to win (which also exposes how many potent “Arrive-and-Drive” Galletta’s karts are available and go unused by the high volume of [from Chris & Matt’s point of view] rather cowardly local karters who do not elect to enter the open-to-all invitational, “build-your-own or arrive-and-drive” race). There were many battles and tremendous racing from 1st lap to last.  It was his third Galletta’s Klassic entered, and Reuter – vet of countless Quarter-Midget and Methanol Karting championships – said afterwards, “I still can’t believe I won it! This was the most fun I’ve ever had in any race in any kind of kart. ” That’s exactly why and how we race, and we are thrilled to hear it said by so many drivers of other local racing classes!


16th Annual Galletta's Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200 Start

2011 Klassic 200 Page


16th Annual Galletta's Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200 Start

Not a better starting lineup in any Oswego kart track. Dispute it? Bring it.

2011 – The 16th Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200 – SATURDAY,OCTOBER 8th, 2011: A grueling 200 laps. But yours truly – webmaster Chris Stevens – broke a 10-year dry-spell by winning his first Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic since 2001 (while running almost on fumes)! It was not easy, as he time trialed 5th, and had to come from the back of the field twice when he blew a tire in 2nd early, then clobbered a tree in 2nd late. But everything fell his way when the leader of the first 157 laps of the race, Matt Stevens, decided to refuel putting Chris in the lead with barely sputtering off enough fumes to get him the win with Matt all over him. Several competitors didn’t finish the marathon event, and the closeness of competition made this the HARDEST Klassic to date, with tough competition form first to last, including 2010 defending Klassic Champ Kyle Reuter (who lost a front wheel while in 2nd himself, crashed into the buckwheat in turn 2 and retired). For most of the first 100 laps, Kyle pressured Matt to set a fast pace, which in the end was the deciding factor that forced Matt to refuel with 43 laps to go, which put Chris – who made it back to 2nd for a third time in the race – in the lead. Chris actually benefited from blowing a tire early and conserving gas in the rear during the 2nd 4th of the race, which led to him having enough gas to take the checker, the first time the Galletta’s #8 kart won a Klassic – Chris’ previous Klassic wins came in the Galletta’s #2 (1999) and Galletta’s #5 (2000 & 2001). Chris has had several close calls in those last ten years (many 2nd and 3rd places, and a few bad luck breaks while up front in position to win). Outstanding show from start to finish with some close racing and a few exciting accidents to keep you viewers satisfied. Complete race videos on DVD only $5 each disc and are ready. Meanwhile, here is a recap of the 2011 season thus far, including the 2011 Finalized Point Standings, where Matt Stevens led enough laps in the Klassic to earn enough bonus points to surpass his brother by two points! This after Chris had enough top-3 points to beat Matt by 1/2 point in 2010! And consider that going into Klassic, the top 6 were all up for grabs That’s racing, folks!


2012 Klassic 200 Page.


Now, THAT’S a karting battle! To the wire!

2012 – The 17th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club Klassic 200 – SATURDAY, October 6th, 2012: The 17th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club Championship 200 had 14 karts on the starting grid. And what a complicated story it was – the most controversial Klassic in the first seventeen years of the annual season championship finale’s history. In short, the race was highly competitive throughout, with Brian Galletta, Kyle Reuter, Randy Platt, Matt Stevens, and Chris Stevens all leading significant portions of the 200-lapper with karts easily fast enough to get the win. With the exception of Platt spinning out while in the lead, every other lead change in the 200 lapper occured in lapped traffic. And none more controversial than the final two lead changes between Matt and Chris Stevens – the founding brothers and winners of 14 of the first 16 Klassics (only Wes Stevens in 2006 and Kyle Reuter in 2010 won the other two). The brothers passed each other back and forth behind the lapped traffic of rookie Dave Spanfelner during the last 20 laps of the race, and with 5 laps to go, contact changed the outcome. Matt put himself in the back after his #33 bounced Dave into Chris (and the caution came out for Dave after he went off the track and the start-line pilon got stuck in his bumper). This put Chris Stevens in the lead to the the checker via passing the line in 1st place on lap 200 – which would’ve sealed him his 2nd straight Klassic 200 victory and put him ahead of his brother Matt for the 2012 points title. However, the race win was lifted. Why? Well, Matt Stevens and Mary Stevens both deeply protested the fact that Matt needlessly and voluntarily went to the rear of the field after he and Chris were battling back and forth for the lead through traffic and bumped the Dave Spanfelner #54 off track during their battle with 5 laps to go, and Matt put himself in the back of the pack, leading to Chris crossing the finish line at the checker, The race was then declared no winner, and Ogie Stevens stepped up to the winning kart and took credit for the win. It is Ogie’s 1st career win of any kind, although he claims that he has won everything he’s ever tried, including things that he never knew he even was trying. Due to the controversy, the likely decision will Chris and Matt technically tie (with nobody else losing a position), but will split 1st (Chris’ final position) and 5th (Matt’s final position)’s points. With this being the case, Matt holds on to the points lead and takes the 2012 Galletta’s Track Championship. Oh, that tricky Matthew, stealing wins even after he didn’t win! 😉


 photo 2013-10-12-02h49m58s130-sta_zpsa033fe87.jpg

2013 Klassic 200 Page.



Kelly Miller becomes 5th driver in 18 years to win a Galletta’s Klassic!

2013 – 18th Annual 200-Lap Karting Klassic at Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway, Saturday, October 12th, 2013: OUTTA’ NOWHERE! In the 18th showing of the largest, longest-running, and longest karting event in Oswego County, a 5th member of the Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic Championship 18 year fraternity is crowned! The longest-running Oswego Karting championship (yes, go ahead, look at them all, we were first, and we still have the longest races in the area. Whine all you want, we’re still the biggest and therefore, shows who is really the best and not prenet one of several mini-champions. Lolz). ran it’s 18th annual marathon event, which decides both the point standings (best overall karter in the area), and also the best Iron-Man karter in the area. Eleven drivers entered but only three led all night (11 drivers?! That leaves several karts on site – including the timed fastest kart of the fleet – Galletta’s #5 – unused?! For shame!!! And this is supposed to be a racing town?!) The three you see, Kelly Miller, Matt Stevens, and Chris Stevens had a duel of the ages, as they essentially battled back and forth for the lead for all 200 laps, with occasional challenges by Brian Galletta and Eric Woolworth. All three had the lead and lost it in breathtaking manners (Kelly led early and a slow leaking tired forced him to pit after getting passed, Matt hounded Chris and Kelly, took the lead, then slipped up and Chris got him back, and Chris led several laps late, got pinned and passed by both Kelly and Matt behind lapped traffic, and suffered a  a bent sprocket that took him out of the top 2)! But the one who had it last – Kelly Miller, gets the win. He becomes only the 5th driver – Matt Stevens (won 10), Chris Stevens (won 5), Wes Stevens (won 1), Kyle Reuter (won 1) – in the Klassic’s 18 year history to win the big one , all while only picking up his 2nd career win at Galletta’s. Although many know him from both racing Stocks and Supermodifieds on the big track downtown, Kelly showed he knows how to drive more than just the big machines! And in a kart THAT SAT UNUSED waiting for a driver ABOUT 97% OF THE YEAR. Congrats to Kelly, congrats and thank you to all who showed, and to all who could’ve came out and didn’t? On your knees, dogs.



The 19th Annual Klassic 200 page. 23 equalized karts.


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The beginning of the 19th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200. 23 karts available. Only 7 drivers. Math ain’t adding up, son. Got a lotta’ pvssy drivers in Oswego, a supposed racer town.

2014 –  19th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic 200 – SATURDAY, October 11th, 2014, OSWEGO, NY  200 laps.  Only 6 cautions. No fuel refills. And 79 consecutive green flag laps to the finish. 23 equalized karts… and only 7 drivers? Matt Stevens again proved why he is the best karter in Oswego County for 19 years now. He not only prepared 23 on-site karts and made them all within 0.66 seconds of each other (we defy anybody on the planet to do that in any motorsport race anywhere at any time!), but he time trialed on the pole for the 19th running of the area’s largest, longest-running, and hardest to win kart race, took it easy for a bit and then dominated the 2nd half of clinched what he already led almost all season – the Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway Track championship. Can’t buy it. You have to earn it. To be the best, you have to beat the best. And you cannot race the best at the Bullshit Bullring Kiddie Kartway – the operator banned him and his creations because he won too much. Saved your asses from him, I’d say. There are only five drivers in the world that have won a Galletta’s Klassic, and only 2 drivers in the world that have won Galletta’s Track Championships (see above) and Matt has won more of them than everybody else combined. Sadly, the only downfall was the club has lost drivers. 23 karts were race-ready at 1 pm for time trials, cookout, and Klassic at 2 or 3 pm. We waited. And waited. And waited. We settled for 7 drivers, including the un-retirement of former 2006 Klassic Champ Wes “Ogre” Stevens, to make it a flashback to our early days! But still… only 7?! From 2004-2009, the track was filled with 10-15 drivers on track a week, by far the largest karting class in Oswego, NY, and yes, that includes the pay track – 100 karts, big whoop, they are 3-10 kart classes. Now, we are averaging 4-10. Now, while that is still above average for a karting class, but we don’t limit by weight, age, and karts on track – if 23 people showed up, we could have a 23 kart race. For our 20th anniversary of point racing at Galletta’s, which resumed next Spring 2015, more drivers are badly needed. See you next year at Galletta’s, but stay tuned for finalized point standings forthcoming. God bless!


9/26/2015 – The 20th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Klassic Championship 200!

 photo 20150926_23_15_32_20th-Annual-Klassic-200-Finish.jpg

Battle for the ages between Kyle Reuter and Chris & Matt Stevens!

 photo 20150926_17_44_42_Klassic_S.jpgSaturday, September 26th, 2015 was the date for our 20th Annual Klassic 200. The race decides both the Track Championship and the Klassic 200 Champion in one fell swoop, as the race counts as the biggest AND the final points race of the season (although after Klassic, we may still have Fall Series races, which still count in the All-Time Points). All past veterans as well as future veterans are – as always – invited to battle it out for the longest-running (and we say premiere) Karting Title in Oswego NY for two decades. As a contest of driver talent, endurance, strategy, patience, and athleticism, it empirically decides the best kart drivers of Oswego, period. There is no valid counter argument. If you want to be discussed as the best, you compete here. But once the rookies settled down (or were eliminated by demolishing their karts) the entire race was a showcase of elite driving talent that cannot be questioned. Kyle Reuter and Chris Stevens shared the lead back and forth and only lapped traffic and low fuel changed things. Matt Stevens again showed why he is a master of kart building and pure racing ability with his near win, almost taking it all on the last lap until a bent sprocket ended his shot. And gas mileage was key – everyone who made it to lap 150 refueled… except Chris Stevens, who attempted to win it all on one standard tank of gas! And on lap 199, that gas was used up with Kyle Reuter and Matt Stevens side-by-side trying to take the lead! And believe me, at that point, it wasn’t even done yet! It was a DOOZY in EVERY way! Read more  & watch the race video!


9/24/2016 – The 21st Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club 200-Lap Klassic World Championship – Sponsored by Good Guys Barbershop!

 photo 2016-09-24-21st-annual-200-lap-karting-klassic-of-oswego.jpg

2016 Klassic 200 start!

 photo Matt-Stevens-2016-Oswego-County-Karters-Invitational-200-at-Gallettas-Winner-800px.jpg

Matt Sweeps the 2016 Titles!

Saturday, September 24th, 2016 – The 21st Annual end-of-Summer/Start-of-Fall Karting Championship behind Galletta’s Greenhouses in Oswego always decides the two champions of the year – the overall track champion and the 200-Lap Marathon Klassic Champion, and by default the best overall karter in Oswego, NY (pay track drivers are always invited and fail whether they come or not). And this year, we had The Good Guys Barbershop sponsor cash prizes for the top three and a trophy for the track champion. And, on top of that, it was the closest points race in history between points leaders Chris Stevens, Kelly Miller, and Matt Stevens. In fact, Kelly was the 1st driver in 21 years to challenge Matt and Chris for a track championship, and all three were leapfrogging each other in the races and points all season long! But something shocking happened after the time trials while the track was watered and the race was almost ready to start: Kelly Miller left the event around 15 minutes before start time! This set up only Matt and Chris as the only two with a shot at the points title, and opened up the chances for the other drivers to try and steal one from the club-founding brother duo. And some 2nd and 3rd year drivers definitely showed they are on pace to becoming some of the best in club history if they keep at it. But it was Matt Stevens who won after he inherited the lead when brother Chris’ pull cord ripped due to many black flags during the 200. Chris did hold on to get the track title, but Matt continues his dominance of Oswego Karting’s ONLY 200 lap race! Read on & watch the race video!


10/13/2017 – The 22nd Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club 200-Lap Klassic World Championship

A late Klassic 200, but still a good one!

Chris Stevens survives the 2017 Klassic 200 on top!

Friday, October 13th, 2017 – Our 22nd Annual Galletta’s Go-Karts 200-Lap Klassic Championship FINALLY went down after a near month of delays due to lousy driver attendance, occasional bad weather, colds, and other strange anomalies. The top 3 in points this year were the top 3 in the Klassic as well! And with half of the club quitting for about half the season (and even DURING the races AND not paying Matt?), 4th place wasn’t even close in the points standings. But, impressively, a 1st timer rookie scored 4th on track in his 1st race ever, finishing all 200 laps. Read more & watch the complete race video…


9/22/2018 – 23rd Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Go-Kart 200-Lap Klassic Championship [YouTube]


2018 Klassic 200 start!

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018 – The 23rd Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Club’s Klassic Championship–which is always the longest race, most point-earning race and usually the final points race of the race year–occurred on the end to the last day of Summer (as it does most years, with occasional exceptions made for driver attendance and weather). Unfortunately, this was only the 8th regular feature of the 2018 season, leaving the option open to have more points races POST-Klassic, which is unusual, but our unusually poorly attended year (mid-2017 through ALL of 2018) may have forced it. But with ten drivers available today, and only one of whom was a 1st-time newbie driver, we were able to have our 200-Lapper on a beautiful September weekend!


Matt Stevens used a 2/3rds of the way pass (catching his fuel-conscious brother Chris off-guard) and held on to win his 13th Galletta’s Greenhouse Karting Speedway Klassic (His brother Chris has 7, while Wes Stevens, Kyle Reuter, and Kelly Miller each won 1). The final order of this year’s Klassic could not have been more cut and dried, as it was also final order of the point standings as well, with Chris likely scoring 2nd and impressive rookie Steve Sixberry being a strong 3rd. Matt and Chris did not take on gas, and were very low at race’s end, and were the only two drivers that led the race. Good racing from start to finish, only marred by a back-jarring crash early on. Read more and watch the video here!


2019/9/29 – 24th Annual Galletta’s Greenhouse Go-Karting 200-Lap Klassic [+YouTube]


2019 Klassic 200 start!

Sunday, September 29th, 2019 – The 24th Annual Galletta’s Go-Kart Klassic 200 Lap 1-WD Championship of the Galaxy (held in the Town of Oswego!)! A great race between past Klassic winners Matt Stevens, Chris Stevens and Kelly Miller, along with hotshoe relative newcomers Nic Olivares, Steve Sixberry, Greg and Zach Blanchard, and Travis Bartlett. Look and see here!

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