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The Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing Kart #0 is a Single-Wheel-Drive Racing Kart acquired by the club as a donation kart in the year 2002, and is traditionally one of the quickest karts in the fleet. It was a prefabricated kart of unknown origin and manufacture, but was rebuilt to Galletta’s Karting Club specifications by Wesley James “Ogre” Stevens and Matthew Stevens.

Paint job was initially yellow and black for Jesse Vivlemore’s worship of his beloved Joe Gosek’s yellow #00 he drove at Oswego Speedway in the early 2000s. However, due to Jesse abandoning the sport, it was repainted with a paint job more or less looseley inspired by Doug Heveron’s #1 cars of the early 1980s, since the original Galletta’s Greenhouse Racing #1 (which had the number and paint scheme) was retired in 1997: 
 photo 1983 Classic 200 Doug Heveron #1 Doug Heveron / laprade #1.jpg

It has been driven by countless drivers through the years, and many drivers have won feature races behind the wheel (Matt Stevens, Chris Stevens,  Kyle Reuter, Gary Miller Sr., Michael “MC” Howell, etc.), but it’s biggest win was the 2009 Galletta’s Greenhouse Klassic 200 with Kyle Reuter behind the wheel. Although it ran several races at Oswego Kartway with different drivers at the helm, it never won a race there. Although a fast kart, it has been prone to comically break while in the lead, as Kyle Reuter, Jason Mills, and Gary Miller Sr. have all had humorous mechanical failures while leading races in this kart. But it does not take away from the fact that when it doesn’t break, it is FAST and can win with an experienced driver behind the wheel. Don’t believe us? Click below:

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